Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wardrobe Planning: Jeans

I should have known that it wasn't the best or most efficient way to approach shopping for jeans, but I ordered a few pairs to try on earlier this month during the last big Bloomingdales sale. My Uniqlo blue jeans are getting extremely worn, and I will replace them later this year. The best ones I tried on were the Rag & Bone "The Skinny" jeans in the Coventry shade, which are quite flattering and fit correctly on my petite-length legs. I ended up sending them back with everything else, however, because the fabric felt thinner and stretchier than I was used to, which made even the sale price feel like too much. 

Because I only need one pair of dark blue skinny or straight-leg jeans at a time, the cost per wear should be good enough to justify buying an expensive pair. There is the issue of how I will only be able to wear jeans two days a week because of work, but that likely means that any new pair will have good longevity. (Slimmer cuts of jeans might be on the way out, but I don't really anticipate personally wanting to go back to boot cuts.) Of course, if jeans are going to be such a small part of my future wardrobe, going back to the Uniqlo price point might be the best choice, and I think that's the direction I'm leaning in. 

I ended up sending everything back. I just couldn't be sure that the Rag & Bone jeans were actually the most flattering style for me, given that I hadn't done my shopping in person. Especially because I have to be selective on what I splurge on for my wardrobe, I think I've more or less decided that premium jeans will not be one of those things. 


  1. I've been interested in trying Rag & Bone denim, but their listed inseam online is about an inch or two too long for me. Also I agree with your comment about not wanting to go back to bootcut/flare jeans. Since I'm pretty short, they never quite looked right on me.

  2. I think they might still be worth a try! I didn't pay too much attention to how much they would need to be hemmed on me, but with the way they fit, I think that they would still look proportional if hemmed. (I think Extra Petite's blog has mentioned this as well, and I believe that she has photos up too.) They really were very flattering, I just wasn't ready to buy jeans at that price point.

  3. I like the quality of premium jeans, but not the price point. amazon will have pretty good sales on occasion, and they have a very easy return policy. They actually refund you before they even receive the package back. I've even lucked out on gilt groupe but you'd have to know the jeans fit you upfront, their return policy isn't as good.

  4. I will take a look on Amazon! I think I'll have to make some time to go to a department store and try on jeans in person too, to know what actually fits.


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