Monday, February 2, 2015

How Many Pairs of Jeans Do you Own?


My college has a set of fairly active Facebook groups, one of which is devoted to fashion and beauty and inspires a few of my posts. Recently, someone posted this brief Apartment Therapy piece about a "minimalist" approach to a denim wardrobe that involves only owning three pairs of jeans at a time.

People in the discussion were pretty evenly divided between those who owned around eight pairs or more versus those who owned two or three. I was surprised to discover owning only three pairs of jeans at a time might seem revolutionary to some. Those who owned more tended to recognize that they generally had one or two favorites and could likely do without the rest. Even before my recent aspirations to minimalism, I have consistently only owned two pairs at a time for most of the last six years.

My maintenance of such a pared down jeans wardrobe was never out of any desire to downsize. Instead, it was for the simple reason that shopping for jeans (or any other pants) is a giant pain.

I am fairly short (almost 5'3'') and seem to be particularly short of leg for my height. There are many instances where even petite or "short" length pants or jeans still need to be hemmed to be an appropriate length.  Additionally, even if my main body image hangups lie elsewhere (as I carry weight in the upper half of the body), I still find most pants or jeans to be extremely finicky in how they fit. The only time I go shopping for jeans is when a previous pair rips.

I  currently own two pairs of Uniqlo skinny jeans, one black and one dark blue, and I bought both at the same time about four years ago. I took advantage of their free alteration/hemming service in the store. Given how rarely I shop for jeans, I can't really vouch for them having superior quality or fit, but I suppose their longevity speaks well of the quality. I anticipate needing new ones in the fall as the blue ones are starting to stretch out and sag quite a bit between washes.

How many pairs of jeans do you own? 


  1. I usually own two or three pairs of jeans at a time because shopping for them is literally a pain, like you mentioned. I also find myself favoring one and wearing that pair over and over again. A couple months ago, I was down to one pair and I doubt anyone noticed I was wearing the same pair day after day.

    1. For sure. The main reason why I have two (and why I anticipate keeping up with owning two) is because both black and blue jeans probably have a place in my wardrobe. Then again, they're similar enough in most outfits that I actually do find myself wearing the blue a lot more often just because I find them more comfortable. In truth, if I only replaced the blue jeans and threw out the black, it probably wouldn't affect my day to day life much!


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