Welcome to Invincible Summer! I go by Xin, and I am an early 30-something attorney living and working in New York City, after attending law school here. This blog is about minimalism, personal finance, fashion, beauty, skincare, and a little bit of whatever else suits my fancy.

As I entered my last year of law school, I realized that I would need to be more proactive about budgeting with an eye towards my long-term financial goals. Given my reliance on fairly substantial student loans (an almost non-negotiable reality for most lawyers with certain types of professional ambitions) for the last several years, I never took the time to think seriously about my finances. I feel very silly about it now (I was extremely, embarrassingly un-frugal), but I have started getting a handle on things. I keep this blog partially as a way be more thoughtful about my spending.

At the same time, I also realized that I wanted to rethink my shopping and consumption habits for other reasons. I believe deeply in the importance of more ethical consumption habits, though I am often constrained by the limits of my budget and what little time I have outside of work. Because my job come with a very demanding schedule, I also wanted to think about my priorities and approach both my life in general, and shopping in particular, with a more minimalist mindset, one that prioritizes the things I care about and enjoy and reduces the time and money I spend on the rest. 

I try to be vague about the particulars of my school, workplace, and other personal details because I want to keep my professional and personal online presence separate from my blog presence. (Trust me, it would not take much for me to become very easy to track down online!)

I love hearing from readers, whether in comments or by email. You can reach me at aninvinciblesummerblog [at] gmail.com.

Fit Reviews

I'm 5'3'' and roughly 37''-27''-37.5'', with a "regular" sizing torso and "petite" sizing (i.e. short) legs. I generally wear regular skirts (due to preference for longer skirts), tops, and dresses, but need petite sizing pants. Petite sizing blazers are generally a better fit, mostly because of sleeve length, though I often wear regular sizing coats.

I wear size 7.5 shoes in almost all designs, and generally cannot size down unless the shoe is really eclectically sized, which happens rarely. I sometimes size up, but that's also rare.

Disclosure and Policies

Invincible Summer uses Shopstyle and Amazon affiliate links. If you click on a link, I could get a small commission, typically a few cents, at no extra cost to you as a shopper. Occasionally, I also post referral program links, which I endeavor to disclose clearly (including the terms of the program and what benefits I potentially get) in every relevant post. I've disclosed my blog-related income and some thoughts on my experience with monetization of Invincible Summer here and reflected on monetization more in the abstract here.

When it comes to potential brand or retailer partnerships or sponsorships, I have the following policies in place for myself, as I first reported in this post:

  • First and foremost, I will not accept opportunities from brands and retailers I would not personally purchase from on my own.
  • Second, any post that arises from a partnership or sponsorship will be clearly disclosed as such in the body of the post.
  • Third, if I received a product in relation to working with a company, I will disclose that again in every subsequent post in which the product is mentioned.
  • Fourth, I would need to be in control of the written content associated with any such post, such that I could express my honest opinion about the product or brand at issue. 

A quick note on terminology: "partnered posts" in my case will mean that I received the product for free (or, potentially, at a discount), generally with the request that I post about the item on my blog. I've adopted "c/o" as an abbreviation for "care of," which will mean that I received an item for free. "Sponsored posts," should it ever come up, will refer to a situation where monetary compensation was involved. 

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