Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Shopping Reflections

I expect to shop less for the next few months than I did earlier this year. Because there remains a bit of uncertainty regarding trip expenses and eventual move-in expenses, I'm going to do my best to be stricter about my shopping budget, and I plan to come in well under $250 a month until September or later. I do have that L.L. Bean boot preorder purchase still to come, likely in July, but I otherwise don't have any larger purchases planned.

I shopped at Forever 21 this month after searching what felt like every other major US mall brand's online shop for a maxi dress that would fit my rather nit-picky criteria and budget with very little luck. As it turns out, the Loft maxi dress ended up being a good fit too, but I liked the idea of having another maxi dress for my vacation, so I kept the Forever 21 dress too. 

The pajama shirt is a version of a style I own in several different colors (with different texts). I feel  iffy about looking to Forever 21 for a basic that is hardly difficult to find elsewhere, though I also don't have room in my budget for expensive pajamas, and the design has proven to be perfect for my needs. Forever 21 seems to have changed the fabric from a cotton-modal blend to a cotton-polyester one that is less comfy, which at least means that I probably won't rebuy.

Fashion - (TOTAL: $107.00)
  • Forever 21 Maxi Dress - $24.90 - This one is a bit more casual than the Loft dress. The rayon material seems like it'd be reasonably comfortable for summer wear. 
  • Forever 21 Pajama Shirt - $10.90 - I did not pay attention to the product description and didn't realized they'd changed it from cotton-modal to cotton-polyester. 
  • Loft Maxi Dress - $53.70 - Got this in a petite size M during the sale, and it fits great! I liked the black one better than the printed version. 
  • Etsy Replacement Handbag Strap - $17.50* - I have a navy Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag that didn't come with a shoulder strap, and I've been wanting one for years. This was the best fit that I could find between Etsy and Ebay. (I would have liked something an inch wide rather than 0.7'', but could not find a leather strap at that width.) Hopefully the quality is good, shipping will take another week or two.
*indicates that shipping cost was included

Beauty - (TOTAL: $70.50)
  • Sephora 15% off Sale Order - $57.00 - I've been quite good about avoiding Sephora purchases this year, and I probably will not make even VIB status this year. I think I will continue shopping during sales, however. 
    • Margiela Replica Beach Walk Rollerball - I received a sample of this months ago and like this better than any of the dozen perfume samples I've received in other orders. 
    • MUFE HD Pressed Powder - A new product to replace the loose version of the powder, which is my staple setting powder. I like this so far! I have the same results, but with considerably less mess and product wasted. 
    • Peter Thomas Roth Mini Mask Magic Kit - I've wanted to try this out since I saw it during the sales around Christmas last year. One warning though, these are only slightly bigger than one would expect a deluxe sample to be! 
  • My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird's Nest Masks - $13.50 - Not pictured. This is a repeat purchase. I had a brief scare where I thought this might be a counterfeit product because the masks are a slightly different shape than others I have ordered, but I did some research and it seems fine! 

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  1. I'm liking the cut of that black maxi dress :)

  2. Oooh, I'm glad you found a maxi dress you like! I know you were looking for one. The black one I have is made fully of Rayon and it's very cool (temperature wise).

  3. I like it a lot! I have a more busty than average figure and the v-neck is a bit deep (which takes some getting used to), but otherwise its great!


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