Thursday, July 12, 2018

Outfit Post: Very Casual Friday

Sweater: Madewell Striped Cotton Sweater (old, similar, similar,  similar)
Dress: Grana V-neck Silk Slip Dress, size M (old, current)
Shoes: Soludos Llama Slip-on Sneakers, size 7 (runs big, size down a half size!)

I've gotten totally swamped at work for the next two or three weeks, so I'll be slow on posting new entries and commenting and replying! I am, however, glad to see that I've already posted more this year than I did in either 2017 or 2016, and it's only July, which makes me feel quite accomplished. I guess I've finally sort of figured out a balance between working adulthood and blogging!

Strictly speaking, this outfit may lean a little too casual for many attorney workplaces that have a dress code. In actual practice, my current office's dress code is a bit all over the place, with the fairly recently-imposed no-jeans restriction for casual Friday and a written policy that suggests a mostly business-formal rule is in place for the rest of the week. Despite that, we're actually mostly business casual outside of client meeting and court days, with a casual-ish Friday, so long as there are no jeans.

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The Madewell sweater is very old, and it's a very light pointelle-knit cotton (this H&M cotton sweater is the most similar thing I could find that's currently available, though with dropped shoulders and without the pointelle details). It's quite boxy-looking, especially from the side, and kind of has that effect of hanging straight down from my chest that's not always great on me, but I like it anyway. On the day I wore this outfit, it was in the mid 60s and low 70s Fahrenheit, otherwise I'd have avoided long sleeves! 

The Grana v-neck silk slip dress would definitely not be work-appropriate without being completely covered up by a top like in this outfit. The neckline of the dress is definitely too low for work if it isn't fully covered up like this. I've been really loving this dress, and would totally wear it all the time this summer if I could, though it's not the easiest look for a very busty person to pull off, and the straps and side of my bra usually peek out a little when I wear the dress by itself (which is totally fine in NYC in the summer). 

I really love the Soludos slip-on sneakers with the llama detail. They're just so fun! The pale pink is probably going to be hard to keep clean though, but I liked this color better than the navy velvet version. I've found mine to be very comfortable. They run big, so definitely size down a half size from your usual if you're interested. 

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