Friday, July 6, 2018

MM. LaFleur Lenox Skirt and Kait Top in Swipe Print Review

Top: MM. LaFleur Kait Top in alpine green swipe print, size M
Skirt: MM. LaFleur Lenox Skirt in alpine green swipe print, size 6
Shoes: Sam Edelman Tristan Pump in black

Though I had realized I probably wasn't going to find a new formal dress that fit all my many criteria, and that K and I don't have that many more weddings to attend in the near future regardless, so I didn't need one anyway, my interest in this MM. LaFleur Lenox Skirt and the Kait Top, both in matching alpine green swipe print, was probably still inspired by that goal. The right set of separates could work for formal occasions, and also has the added benefit of versatility. Had this skirt and top worked for me, they could also be split up for various outfits for the office (or even worn together there, if I was so inclined).

I became very interested in this set after seeing MM. LaFleur's official photos promoting their swipe print collection (as well as from seeing some tagged photos on Instagram). Sadly, most of the swipe print items are only available in navy, which doesn't appeal to me as much, since I already have plenty of navy blue and black items (both for work and special occasions), and I think the navy print comes across a lot more subdued, it doesn't jump out at me as something I'd like to add to my rotation of items for formal occasions (even if the alpine green version is also quite understated). I don't know why I find the green swipe print so appealing, I guess its interesting while not being loud, which is what I had in mind for my formal dress shopping. (Plus I quite like pine green as a color for my wardrobe, and would love to see it better-represented.) 

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Alas, I probably should have realized from seeing the Lenox skirt photographed on various blogs, including MM. LaFleur's own, that the Lenox skirt would be too long and the wrong design for someone on the shorter side (5'3'' in my case) and with shorter than average legs for my height. That draping detail is lovely, but combined with the length it probably makes the skirt a bit overwhelming on my frame. Plus, it strikes me as being a potentially difficult (and in NYC, expensive) skirt to get hemmed. If only they had the Noel Dress in the alpine green swipe print, that might have stood a better chance of working for my height and body shape!

It's hard to tell from my photograph, but the Kait Top has a draped pleat hanging across the front, which can look lovely (and is more apparent in the store photography for the navy mixed print version of the top), but is definitely not the right design detail for my body shape. I'm busty enough that the draping doesn't look right, and the pleat can't lie flat across my chest and look as it was designed to. If I were to photograph this outfit from the side, the top sort of balloons out from over my chest down to where its tucked in at the waist. It's definitely not the right top for me, especially when paired with a skirt that's also a little too long.

Do you have any separates that you wear as one formal outfit? I've seen a lot of people wear really stylish separates for weddings and other fancy occasions, generally something that makes more of a statement than this matchy-matchy outfit would. 

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