Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shoes of Summer

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I'm now in year three of wearing my trusty, if not terribly attractive, Fitflop Skinny fit flops (worn in photos linked here) as my primary summer shoe. They've had a good run, accompanying me through many a summer thunderstorm and to a few beaches, but they're starting to show their wear, with worn-down heels and a slightly stretched-out uppers. They're still much more comfortable to walk and stand in than ballet flats or sandals with less arch support, but my feet and legs are starting to ache the way they do when I wear running shoes that are over the hill, and have had their inner cushioning worn down by excessive wear. In short, it either is almost time or is already time for a new pair of summer shoes. 

I've had the hardest time deciding whether to make a purchase now at all, much less decide on what to get. It probably makes the most sense to get another pair of Fitflops, either the Skinny or the Skinny Crisscross Slide. I could maybe also consider a pair of Birkenstocks (probably the Arizona or the Gizeh), which is what I had been thinking of before picking the Fitflops instead, though I remember that I thought they looked a bit clunky on my feet. I imagine the Birkenstocks would be hardier than Fitflops, though.


Perhaps unwisely, given that I should only really be in the market for a pair of comfortable sandals to replace the Fitflops, I had also thought about getting a pair of cute, embroidered Soludos espadrilles (maybe with lemons, or oranges!). That's an impulse that I really should not indulge in, however, as espadrilles seem to not be the most durable of shoes (likely to last only one season?) and that they could easily be damaged if they got wet, so they're not suitable for NYC's unpredictable, sometimes thunderstorm-prone summer weather. Also, I assume that I wouldn't want to be wearing socks with them in summer, which means they'd get gross and sweaty, and probably smelly, way too easily.

What are your go-to summer shoes? Are espadrilles actually more practical than they seem on paper? 

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