Friday, June 30, 2017

June Shopping Reflections

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I had another busy month: My interview season continues to run a fair bit longer than expected. I also moved apartments, but only in the same building, which was significantly easier than previous moves. This didn't leave much time for shopping, and well, I always find summer very uninspiring because on the fashion front, because of my extreme distaste for heat and humidity. 

The only thing I want to wear, now that summer weather has finally set in, is breezy and relaxed-fit linen. This month's purchases fall into that category, and I've also been window-shopping for linen items from more ethical sources like the handmade offerings of Etsy stores such as LinenHandmadeStudio and notPerfectLinen (note: notPerfectLinen sometimes closes on weekends, but reopens on weekdays). Presently, I've just been struck, after reviewing the linked inspiration photos here, by a sudden passionate desire for a pair of blue linen ankle pants, something with a shape like these H&M Premium Quality linen joggers, but maybe not joggers. My heart's desire may be a pair of more formal linen trousers of that general shape, maybe with a paperbag waist and tie belt. I've not seen anything that fits the bill, just joggers (Joie) and more joggers (Athleta). Alas, I may be hoping for something that doesn't exist this year.

I am getting closer to being on track for my yearly budget limit. I am now "over budget" by $168.18 (($150 x 6) - $555.98 - $154.21 - $94.79 - $35.93 - $128.80 - $98.47 = $168.18). By now, I think it's looking somewhat clear that last year's $170/month, rather than this year's $150/month, was a better monthly target for me, but we'll see how the rest of the year goes.

Fashion - (TOTAL: $98.47)
  • J.Crew Factory Embroidered Floral Dress - $49.50* - The bright blue, the giant embroidered flowers, and the "boob tent"-effect (for lack of better phrasing) prone shape all make this something that should not be my thing, but somehow, this dress works for me. Like other relaxed-fit J.Crew Factory dresses, it runs a little large, such that a XS might work for me, though I kept the S, which still fits largely as expected, based on the model photo. (I'd normally expect to be an M or S in similar dresses from other mall brands.) With my chest size and the design, there is a slight tent-y effect that's not seen on the model. I did find, with the rest of my order, that J.Crew Factory's fitted, number-sizing dresses, especially this Origami Sheath, run very small to me because they're cut for someone with significantly less curve in both the chest and hips (I don't have particularly full hips either - I'm closer to an inverted triangle than a true hourglass). I prefer belting this dress, leading to this month's other purchases.
  • H&M Premium Quality Leather Belt - $17.99 - Before this, I didn't have any belts in my closet. I shopped around for secondhand belts, but felt very unsure of what I'd be getting, so I opted for H&M. (It doesn't align perfectly with my minimalism-ish to shop there, though as with anything I buy, I intend to cherish for its entire natural lifespan. With a leather belt, I'm not expecting it to wear out anytime soon.) 
  • H&M Premium Quality Braided Leather Belt - $12.99 - Same as above. I wanted both a skinny braided belt and a thicker belt. 
  • H&M Premium Quality V-Neck Linen Tee - $17.99 - (similar gray v-neck in S) This  came partially out of my recent obsession with linen, and partially out of a need to reach the free shipping quantity. The temptation of "just add one more item for free shipping" is typically a thing to assiduously avoid, but I was so close (and truly in need of more linen tees to add to that Everlane scoop neck linen tee I picked up last year) that it seemed alright. H&M's size chart is pretty wonky, so while I should be an M, the M is actually little too big on me, though not enough to want an exchange in this fairly relaxed-fit design.
*Includes return shipping cost on the rest of my order, which did not pan out.

Anyone else inordinately fond of linen for summer? 

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