Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quick Sale Update: All J.Crew (Including Coats) 40% Off!

J.Crew is doing a huge 40% off everything sale today, including all coats, with no promotion code needed, and Ebates is doing 10% cash back at J.Crew on top of that too! That's a significantly better deal than when I was mulling over coats yesterday, when the J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon coat I was eyeing was 30% off and Ebates (referral link, which I imagine no one needs now, but it would yield a bonus $10 for you, and $25 for me as the referrer) was only offering 1.5% cash back. 

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I normally wouldn't post just to update about a sale, but this is timely and relevant to a purchasing decision I only just posted about. (I often post about sale purchases after the promotional period has ended... Though with many of these retailers, another sale is, inevitably, always around the corner.) This price drop of almost $25 off the price I would have paid upfront, with an additional $19 dollars cash back? That's huge! It may almost enough to change my decision calculus about whether it makes more sense to wait and try for the extremely similar Ellen Tracy Stadium coat (likely much cheaper eventually after the post-Christmas sales, but not on sale yet) versus the J.Crew. Spoiler alert, it may not be enough to actually change my mind (as I really, really don't need another coat), but I'll likely be making the decision only after ordering and trying on the J.Crew coat again at home. 

Oh, and Nordstrom is price-matching J.Crew, though they only have the "Deep Violet" and "Sandstone" shades of the J.Crew cocoon coat in stock. With their Ebates rebate at only 6% and many sizes and colors still in stock at J.Crew, though, I'm not sure Nordstrom is the preferred source. 

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