Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Shopping Reflections

This was a fairly shopping-light month for me because of preparing for and taking my exam. Granted, I still spent a lot more time than I should on online window-shopping because it still is one of my procrastination tactics of choice when I'm under stress, but I'm not in the market for much at the moment. I might not start planning shopping more intensively for fall and winter until September, when I move back to NYC for the start of my job.

One insight from this month is that shipping charges and California state sales tax really start adding up over just a few purchases. This is, perhaps, a very obvious notion, but I've been able to avoid most shipping charges in past months due to making large orders and following them up with in-store returns. At the same time, I've still found that it generally makes sense for me to rely on online shopping rather than in-store browsing in most instances, despite the inevitable issue of needing to return many things. More often than not, I find that brick and mortar stores don't have the specific sizes and styles that I want in stock, though this might be a product of how much I rely on items going on sale and additional percent off sale promotions.

Fashion - (TOTAL: $92.95)
  • J. Crew 3'' Chino Shorts in Navy Blue - $27.00* - I desperately needed dark-colored shorts that wouldn't get dirty as easily for my upcoming trip. These do seem to attract more dust and lint than the khaki pair I bought a few years ago, but I'm not sure if there's a quality difference (very possible) or if it is just because of the color. 
  • Gorjana Taner Small Bar Necklace - $42.00* - I technically haven't committed to keeping this necklace yet. It was slightly backordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it wasn't shipped until Friday. I might not get a chance to decide whether to keep this until after I get back from my trip, though I'm fairly certain I'll keep it as I'm having a delicate-jewelry phase.
  • Clare Vivier for & Other Stories Leather Pouch - $23.95* - This is probably a slightly-unnecessary indulgence as I do have other, perfectly-serviceable, travel pouches for makeup. I like the idea of fancy leather pouches and travel cases, practicality and frugality be damned. 

Beauty - (TOTAL: $11.99)
  • Biore UV Perfect Face Milk - $11.99 - I like all of the Biore face milk sunscreens, which are  widely available in drugstores in Japan, China, and Taiwan (but not Hong Kong, randomly). I prefer the "Moist" or "Bright" varieties in the purple and pink bottles, respectively, but it's harder to find Prime-eligible sellers that sell those. 
*indicates that estimated sales tax and shipping are included in the listed price 

When this post goes live, I'll likely be right in the middle of taking my licensing exams, which is a scary thought! I'll be very happy to be done with the process though, hopefully for good. Linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers this month! Be sure to click through and see what everyone else bought. 

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