Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Assorted Thoughts

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With my licensing exam imminent and my trip to Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur commencing shortly after, I will probably only be able to blog intermittently in the coming weeks. I do expect to write a few travel posts, and I hopefully will take some nice photographs to post during the trip.

Because I'll have to ramp up the studying, starting now, I don't anticipate doing too much shopping this month, outside of a pair of navy blue chino shorts (exact color no longer available) that I already ordered from J. Crew. I was getting tired of trying on shorts elsewhere, and I needed something dark-colored that wouldn't get dirty as soon as I sat down anywhere outside. I have the same style in khaki from three years ago, and I must say, the online reviewers weren't kidding when they said that different colors seem to have different sizing. I had a size 2 in khaki, and this year's size 4 in navy were the same size, which is generally the opposite of the sizing trends one normally expects with J. Crew.

I finally received the Uniqlo trench coat in the mail, and it is high quality for the price, but didn't end up being suitable for me. The fabric is a bit thicker and heavier than I expected, which is probably a good thing with a coat, but it didn't feel like what I had in mind. I also thought the tan shade was a darker brown than I wanted. Finally, the buttons are also spaced a little too wide to be flattering for me. Like the reviewers said, this design runs very large, to the point where an XS would be the right size for me even though I'm typically an S or an M in many Uniqlo styles. The trench coat was also a bit boxy because it's cut straight up and down. I likely need a coat design that is tapered at the waist.

Although I should be studying more intensely, I've also spent a fair bit of my time procrastinating by reading sci-fi/fantasy, one of my favorite genres for light reading. I'm well into the second book of Daniel Abraham's Dagger and Coin series, and while I prefer his Long Price Quartet because it has a more novel premise, this series has been good reading so far. The Dagger and Coin books might be of particular interest to those who have are a bit impatient about the extended wait before more Game of Thrones television or book material is released. (I confess to being in that group despite my doubts about the books' ability to wrap up a bloated storyline and my extremely serious qualms about the showrunners' distasteful approach to depicting sexual violence. Happily, Dagger and Coin does not have either problem so far.)

There's political intrigue, war, morally ambiguous or sometimes outright not-nice characters, and potentially apocalyptic supernatural events likely about to occur, all of which might appeal to fans of Game of Thrones, though the cast and scale of the story is a fair bit smaller. One thing that Abraham does in his books, which I haven't seen much with other authors, is discuss the effects of trade and economics in his fictional worlds. Be forewarned, there's one character out there who possibly proves more hateful than almost anyone in Game of Thrones except maybe Gregor Clegane or Ramsay Bolton. 


  1. I'm sad that your Uniqlo trench didn't work out for you! It looked so promising. I've got a cropped trench coat that I picked up at Nordstrom's a while back that doubles as a raincoat because the material is resistant. Really handy for Chicago falls, which are rainy as hell.

  2. It is a nice piece, just not what I had in mind! Hopefully I'll keep trying things on and will find something eventually.


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