Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Still Totally Obsessed with Tibi

In recent months, ever since discovering Tibi founder and creative director Amy Smilovic's Instagram stories about personal style and the brand's Style Class videos, I've become rather obsessed with shopping from Tibi. Spoiler alert for this month's shopping reflections post: I continued my recent trend of shopping heavily from them, this time from the secondhand market and their ongoing sale. It starts to feel a little unbalanced to shop so much from one brand in a fairly short time! 

Before viewing Smilovic's Instagram stories and Tibi's Style Class videos, I don't think I'd have understood the brand's point of view and design choices. Many of their styles initially look far more fashion-forward and adventurous than anything I ever wore, or would have even taken a second look at while browsing online stores. If I just looked through their catalog on my own, my eye would probably have been too distracted by the "Modern" aspects of their designs - which generally isn't a primary style adjective for me - too much to even notice the "Chill" aspect I've come to love, including the more relaxed and intentionally oversized fit of many of their items. 

With the recent release of Tibi's spring/summer collection, I think my pace of shopping from the brand should slow down a bit in the coming months. The new designs and color story are fun, but I've never been a big spring/summer clothing person. Once the weather gets hot and humid in NYC, I gravitate to dresses in summer-friendly fabrics - most, but not all, in simple colors and shapes - and have relatively little patience for making outfits out of separates. In other words, most of the new spring/summer designs don't really suit my style preferences.  (My eye's only really drawn to two pieces in the new collection, one brightly colored silk slip dress with balloon skirt that would never actually work for me because it's not regular bra-friendly and a gauzy cotton blouse with voluminous sleeves.) 

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There are still a number of other Tibi items I have my eye on, both from their seasonless "Fundamentals - WOFs" or "Without Fails" collection.  The first is their classic oversized shirt.  Though I think it might make more sense from a value for money perspective to find an oversized white cotton button down on the secondhand market instead. The second is the Brancusi jean in classic light blue denim wash (also here). I already own the Brancusi jeans in the dark blue indigo wash (also here), and after getting used to the unusual-for-me barrel leg silhouette, I've really come to love them, and I reach for them all the darn time. 

I think the light blue wash lends a substantially different feel to the jeans, so it wouldn't necessarily be duplicative of my other pair of Brancusis. Though the light blue pair would admittedly feel rather duplicative of my Toteme Twisted Seam jeans in a similar blue wash (also here). 

Oh and one other completely unrelated-to-fashion thing I can't help but mention: I recently tried a new-to-me Korean snack food, Orion's "Turtle Chips" in the Chocolate Churro flavor, on the recommendation of someone on Instagram, and I'm now completely obsessed. (I bought mine from H-Mart.) It's sweet, but not too sweet - high praise coming from a fan of East Asian bakery chains. Something about the combination of super-crispy texture (aided by the multiple layers within each chip), the light coating of chocolate, and touch of cinnamon is just a perfect combination. I ate the whole bag with remarkable speed. 

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