Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Shopping Reflections

Because I kicked off my shopping month by buying a coat, there wasn't room for other fashion purchases if I was to stick closely to my $2040/year or average of $170/month target. As was my general practice last year, I wouldn't sweat it if I go over $170 in any given month, but I do want to avoid going dramatically over at any point in the interest of staying on track for the year.

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With my monthly average spend at $170 rather than last year's $250, I have to be a little more careful about planning things out. For my needs and habits, my number tends to allow me either one larger purchaseor a handful of smaller ones each month. I don't have a Five-Piece French Wardrobelist for now (I largely wrapped up the last one and it's still winter), but I do have a list of things that I might be planning on in the near future. I'd like a pair of black leather flats, most likely ones that are more structured life loafers, rather than ballet flats, in hopes of the shoes having more longevity. The Dieppa Restreppo Dandy loafers (in black) are something I've thought about, though with my budget, I'm more likely to end up looking to the Everlane Modern Point shoes. I'm also eyeing a boatneck striped sweater from the late February release from Uniqlo's Ines De La Fressange line (but in white and navy, and I was only able to pin the awkwardly transparent linked photo). 

Although I do not have a strict beauty and skincare budget I'm trying to be better than I was last year. I ended up with a few splurge-y and arguably unnecessary skincare purchases while I was in Korea and then at the end of the year. Also, with the winter Sephora sales, I kept VIB status for 2016. I'll try to be more faithful about documenting my beauty spending this year, so you'll be able to follow along with how I'm doing on that count. Last year, I missed a few items here and there.

Fashion - (TOTAL:  $112.08) **Edited on 2/3 to reflect price adjustment.

  • Ellen Tracy Wool Blend Stadium Coat - $112.08* - Worn here. I bought the orange-red Pumpkin shade, which I really like. I started wanting a brightly-colored coat after I saw one of my friends wearing the J. Crew Stadium Parka, but that was out of my price range, especially given how many other coats I bought in the recent months. The quality is not the best, with the slightly-scratchy wool-blend fabric (though that doesn't affect the wearer because of the full lining), but I'm very satisfied. Nordstrom applied a further discount only a few weeks after I originally ordered it, but thanks to the insistence of Pret a Porter P and Dorigamii, I decided to give Nordstrom a call about a price adjustment, and their customer service was kind enough to grant it! That frees up a little extra money for future months.

Beauty - (TOTAL: $11.83)
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion - $11.83* - This is one of my skincare staples. When they say "lotion," they mean a moisturizing toner, which I apply directly to my face, using my hands, as the third step in my routine after cleansing and applying the Missha First Treatment Essence (I plan to try the CosRx version soon due to better price and Missha's recent reformulation). This item isn't too special because it's sole purpose is to moisturize, and many other products do the same thing, but it's well-priced. The Amazon price tends to fluctuate a bit so it is currently higher than when I bought it earlier this month. 

*indicates that sales tax is included in the listed price 

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