Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Stop: Taichung, Taiwan

A shop in Feng-Jia Night Market in Taichung.

My post for today will be extremely brief. I'm back in Taipei now, but I spent most of the past week in Taichung to visit my mom's family, and my trip there included a stop at Feng-Jia Night Market. My primary activities of choice when in Taiwan are shopping and eating, and night markets are a particularly good place to engage in both.

Cute socks. I do suspect that these are not licensed products...

When I shop in Taiwan, I generally stick to buying small, cute items like the socks pictured above. I generally also buy some Asian skincare and makeup while I'm in Taiwan, but this time I might wait for my stopover in Seoul to buy those things because most of what I want to buy comes from Korean brands. I'll also need to think about what items to get as souvenirs for friends back home. 

I'll hopefully write some more detailed posts with more photos in the next few weeks as my travels continue! 

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