Friday, March 27, 2015

March Shopping Reflections

Most of the items I bought this month were for my upcoming trip to Asia. After my trip last year, I had many thoughts on what an ideal summer vacation wardrobe would be, and most of my shopping this month was in keeping with those ideas. As it turns out, I might not be going to any beach resort destinations at all this year in favor of more urban locations, which makes some of my items less useful. I will use these items eventually. Among other things, a friend is having a wedding in the Caribbean in March 2016 (I've already started setting aside money for travel and bridesmaid expenses), so it is no great loss.

I also committed to potentially buying a pair of Bean Boots whenever they have my size in stock again, but I won't put that in a budget until they charge me, or perhaps when I decide to keep the item in question. I probably won't need to list them until July at the earliest. 

Outside of that, I think I've already covered almost everything I need for summer, and  I've skipped over more spring-like clothes almost entirely. My closet is already amply stocked with things that are suitable for spring weather in NYC. In terms of shopping for the rest of the season, I will be looking for a maxi dress and perhaps a pair of new jeans to replace my very worn ones from Uniqlo. 

Fashion - (TOTAL: $233.40)
  • Kate Spade Saturday Card and Coin Pouch - $21.00 - I wanted a small leather wallet that could hold some cards and a little cash to use with a purse that struggled to fit my usual wallet. This one fit the bill. I had never shopped at Kate Spade Saturday before and it recently closed. The quality of the leather and lining is only so-so, it would not have been worth full price. 
  • J. Crew Beach Tunic - $40.99* - I spent some time looking on Ebay, but ultimately opted to get this one during a sale. 
  • Freya Spirit Lace Underwire Bikini - $47.75* - A bit expensive for swimwear, but I do need a fairly specialized size (and an underwire) to feel comfortable. Bikinis in my size aren't common, and having one I like go on sale is truly rare.  
  • Everlane Ryan Tank in Gray - $20.00 - These are nice. I agree with Les Anti Modernes's favorable review
  • Everlane Ryan Tank in White - $20.00 - See above. 
  • Keds Crashback Slip-on in Pop Stripe - $24.95 - I wanted to test out the slip-on sneaker trend. I like these and now I wonder if I should have spent a little more on a more versatile solid-color one, but these should serve me well through the summer.
  • Loft Drop Shoulder Open Cardigan - $29.99 - I needed a black cardigan, and after trying a few others over the last several months, this one was the best fit for me. 
  • Loft Floral Peasant Blouse - $28.72 - I mentioned that I don't generally like most business-casual blouses with sleeves, but the print made this one a good choice for me. I only really look good in this one if I tuck it into a skirt, however. 
* indicates that shipping is included in the price

Beauty - (TOTAL: $43.00)
  • Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - $43.00 - I had to replace this (my staple foundation) a few weeks earlier than planned. On weekends, I generally stay with K, and my other tube disappeared sometime while I was going back and forth one weekend. We cannot figure out how I lost it. 

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