Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Everlane Slim Zip Wallet

I am a pretty big fan of Everlane's leather goods. I used their Petra Market tote as my primary work bag this past summer and found it to be very functional (though not quite up to the task of carrying a 13 inch Macbook Pro in addition to papers for work, makeup bag, etc.). I bought Everlane's Slim Zip Wallet in the Burgundy color in late December last year to replace my former wallet and I am happy to report that I love the Slim Zip so far. The simple design is attractive and I quite like the Burgundy color even if I worry a little about whether burgundy/oxblood type shades are too trendy and will become dated later on. 

Admittedly, I don't think that I have steep standards when it comes to wallets. I prefer slimmer designs, but I do need a wider rectangular-shaped one rather than a square or french purse style to accommodate my moderately large number of cards.  Other than that, I just hope that the wallet is durable and stands up to daily use for quite a few years. I've never gotten much more than two to three years of use out of any given wallet, and it remains to be seen whether that will be the case again. At $115, the price is right for me, though on the upper end of what I hoped to pay for a wallet. 

I only have two small quibbles with the Slim Zip. First, the zipper was initially a little tricky when starting to zip it up, though it ran smoother once the zipper got over the first corner. Second, the card slots are a little tight, but they seem to be loosening up slowly.

EDIT, December 2016: As I indicate in a reply to a comment below, I eventually found that the leather on this wallet had some tendency to get smudges and other marks, such that it may have been a good idea to treat it with some kind of leather protection spray. After I switched jobs in July 2016, I started carrying a backpack and tiny cross-body bag,  one that's too small to fit this wallet, to work, so I've temporarily retired the Everlane Slim Zip. In total, I subjected this to hard use for about a year and eight months, and outside of the smudges and some faint creases near the "hinge" of the wallet, it's in good shape. If I don't get too content with using a small card case-type wallet, I could see myself resuming use of this one again for at least another two years or so before feeling a need to replace it. 

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