Monday, July 29, 2019

July 2019 Shopping Reflections

This last part of the month has been, to say the least, an adventure. In multiple matters I'm working on, we've recently won some favorable rulings. Except that, with all the trouble caused by other implications of the court's other rulings this week, including on some smaller issues we lost on, it really doesn't feel like we're winning. This was not a phenomenon I would have understood at earlier stages of my career, but now I know. Let's just say that litigation is a field with lots of surprises, which generally come around with little warning. I work with great people, and we, as a team, manage the surprises fairly well, with as little fuss as possible, but it's still challenging. We certainly can't control the actions of the court or opposing counsel! 

All the work-related stress has the side effect of amplifying those desires to shop I mentioned last month. As you'll see, this hasn't resulted in many actual purchases in July. But I think August and/or September will end up being far more eventful on the shopping front. Fair warning, I've been feeling a particularly strong impulse to treat myself to something nice after the time I've been having with work recently, enough that I think it's safe to assume I'll be indulging that impulse sometime soon. 

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As for what I expect to indulge in, that's still a bit of an open question. I have a fondness for the idea of printed silk scarves, as seen in a few images on my personal style inspiration Pinterest boards, so I've been thinking about getting a secondhand Hermes silk scarf, probably from TheRealReal. They generally have a fairly wide selection of the 90 cm x 90 cm silk scarves. I also keep looking at more Alighieri necklaces, although it takes me a long time to decide on which designs I think are prettiest or will suit me best. I keep changing my mind! At the moment, it's either something with a longer chain length, like the Initial Spark or the Odyssey (some retailers may have a version of it with a shorter chain), or maybe the Fractured Cloud because I find the shape of the pendant particularly intriguing. 

Fashion - (TOTAL: $16.00)
  • Falke Invisible Liner Socks, black - $16.00 - I still don't have a go-to brand or design for liner socks designed to be worn with shoes like ballet flats. Previously, I've mostly been buying ones from Hue with silicone grips at the ankle, but they're only so-so at best. They slip off my ankle semi-frequently with many shoes, aren't "no-show" enough for some shoes, and also aren't very durable. I've been wanting to try different kinds to see if I can find something better, so I got a pair of these more expensive Falke ones to try, because I know from experience that Falke tights are pretty good. Sadly, these liner socks aren't great for me either. They're not no-show enough for the only pair of ballet flats I currently own, the Cole Haan Tali flats. The elasticized cuff with no silicone grip also did not stay on my ankle well at all when I tried them on for a day with my Sam Edelman loafers. Thus, they're less functional than the Hue ones for me. Alas, it's back to the drawing board for me when it comes to my search for a good pair of no-show liner socks. 

Does anyone have recommendations for a particularly good brand of no-show liner socks? Then again, maybe it's a category of item I don't actually need. With how my feet are now, I'm not likely to wear that many more ballet flats in the future, given that they all tend to be too uncomfortable for all-day wear for me these days. The shoes I am more likely to wear in the future, such as loafers or slip-on sneakers, are all much higher-coverage than ballet flats, so I could just stick to wearing more high-coverage socks. 

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