Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Link List

I had a relaxing and low-key Christmas holiday with my mother, sister, and my sister's dog, a shiba inu, in the D.C. suburbs. 

I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season! I'm back at the office, after having taken off a bit earlier for Christmas than most, though I have New Year's Day off, so there's a long weekend to look forward to.

1. // By now, I think everyone has already seen Grechen's post about being increasingly disappointed with Everlane. It's a good post, so if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! I may be biased, as a few months ago, I wrote about my own mixed feelings about Everlane, about how some of their products were weirdly big misses, even as there were also a few, mostly older items that I still quite like. Their "traditional retail" price comparisons have always been odd, most obviously with the Petra, which I like, and found fairly priced, but for which the idea of it retailing elsewhere at $1300 is laughable.

2. // And here's another instance of lawyers behaving badly, though not in the same way as now-retired Judge Kozinski. David Boies, who is extremely prominent in the industry and was maybe a bit too involved in representing Harvey Weinstein, apparently also did something else in that general vein, with his representation of novelist Emma Cline's ex, in making salacious accusations against her. It sounds like a gross complaint. I'm mainly wondering how Boies's firm, where a partner of his stature definitely bills more than $900 an hour, and the firm's most junior associates almost certainly bill at least $400 an hour, ended up with the case. 

3. // Michelle shared this Racked article on "Menocore", the Eileen Fisher-esque comfortable clothing-centric aesthetic, a while back. I don't have anything thoughtful to say about it, except that, in recent months, there's a large part of me that really wants to embrace that look, though I feel a little too young to actually shop at Eileen Fisher. Nor could I wear it to work. Still, I just really love the idea of wearing comfortable, fairly relaxed-fit clothing in natural fibers and more muted colors all the time. In somewhat related reading, there was also this New Yorker piece focused on Eileen Fisher the brand, and the resulting r/femalefashionadvice discussion.

Did you do anything fun for the holidays? Are you also feeling the Eileen Fisher-esque "Menocore" thing? The only thing I own that's unequivocally in that vein is probably that very boxy olive-green and gray linen J.Crew sweater I got from Thredup a few months back, though I have a few other pieces that can be combined to get that sort of look. 

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