Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: Grana Silk Raglan Tee

Top: Grana Silk Raglan Tee, Navy, S
Shoes: Vans Slip-On in Perforated Leather, black, 7
Watch: Skagen Anita (exact, similar, I reviewed mine here)

When I ordered these from Grana (referral link: you get 10% off your first order as a new customer, and I get $20 store credit, thank you for your support!), this was their only silk tee. They've since expanded their collection to include a longer silk tee with traditional sleeves and a cap-sleeve top. I wish I'd waited, because while I love the more casual, cropped look of the raglan tee, the new designs are more suitable for work, i.e. for tucking in to pencil skirts or slacks. Because the last restock was weeks ago, the silk raglan tee is not currently available in all size/color combinations, but you can sign up for email notifications for when they restock. I'm wearing size S in the navy blue above and M in the mulberry below. For fit reference, I'm 5'3'' and roughly 36''-26''-37''.

Some general brand pointers: Between this tee and the silk blouses, Grana's product measurements appear accurate. Many r/femalefashionadvice readers report that Grana run smaller than Everlane, but I'm a S for most silk tops from both. (I need to size up for silk camisoles or tanks from either, because of how they fit on the chest.) The perception of Grana's smaller sizing could come from Grana's core designs generally being shorter and boxier than Everlane's similar styles. Quality-wise, the general consensus is that Everlane silk is nicer, but Grana is the better value. However, based on my Everlane silk dress (reviewed here) and these tops, both brands seem to be of equal quality when it comes to dark-colored silk clothing. Grana's pricing ($39-$49 for silk tops) is then a significantly better value. Grana does not, however, take a particularly clear stance on whether their clothes are ethically produced.

Top: Grana Silk Raglan Tee, Mulberry, M
Shoes: Vans Slip-On in Perforated Leather, black, 7
Watch: Skagen Anita (exactsimilar, I reviewed mine here)

I originally ordered M because I worried that S would be too short for my intended purpose of incorporating these into my work wardrobe, where I generally prefer to tuck tops into my skirts. I was also worried that Grana's products might run smaller than the measurements suggested, though that proved unfounded. Because this tee is designed to be boxy, sizing up actually results in a little too much extra fabric when I tuck it in. While I don't mind this terribly much because I like looser-fitting tops, it suggests that the new slimmer, longer tee and cap-sleeve top are more suitable for tucking in to work-wear skirts and pants. When I wear M untucked like I do above (my preferred way to wear it with pants) you can see the extra fabric and length are not quite as flattering as the slimmer-fitting S.

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The off-white silk raglan tee, my photo here, has strangely prominent shoulder seams (where two layers of the not-sheer-but-almost fabric are sewn together and more opaque in contrast than the rest of the shirt's one layer of material), which I don't love. This isn't noticeable on the mulberry or navy, but I suspect it could be an issue with any light color raglan tee. The design of the cap-sleeve and new tee look as if they won't have this problem.

Now that I own both sizes, I prefer the S and love the cropped, slightly boxy fit, which I even find rather flattering. I was shocked that something this shape worked for me, as I've always assumed  that something short and boxy would make my chest look awkward by hanging straight down from the widest point of my chest and making the rest of me look larger. It probably helps that silk drapes better on the body, which isn't especially apparent in these photos. It isn't suitable for being tucked in, as its too short and a fairly close fit for my chest, but I like the outfit above and it even works with some skirts untucked. 

Overall, I recommend the raglan silk tee for those that like that cropped, slightly boxy look. The new tee designs are, however, likely a better choice for more conventional and versatile business casual wear. The value is great and the quality reasonably good, with silk that's roughly equal to Everlane, a and a little nicer than Madewell. If you're interested in trying out Grana, shopping with my referral link will get you 10% off your first order (and I'll get $20 store credit). Thank you for your support! 

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