Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Nightgown Dress

One of my clothing purchases in Korea was a navy blue tank dress almost exactly like the Madewell one pictured above, but for the color and, of course, the price. I bought it mainly for my many plane rides during the trip, but I've also been reaching for it quite often for day to day wear. It's not a look that I previously thought I would like. I've mentioned before that I generally don't like unstructured t-shirt dresses, and similarly unstructured tank dresses would seem to run the same risk of clinging in unflattering places. But the one I have is made out of a slightly thicker rayon fabric, not thick enough to be uncomfortable in summer, but heavy enough so that it skims nicely over the body. It is also a more casual look then I generally used to go for, especially when paired with those flip-flop sandal hybrids that I've been wearing all summer. 

In other news, I've found my new apartment! Move-in day is not until the end of October, though. I only have a bit less than two weeks before I start my new job, and I'm looking forward to just taking a break until then.  Cooler temperatures are also beginning to settle in, and I'm going to miss my super-casual summer staples. 

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